TU Tran

Technologies should serve for business purpose.



There are many similar course on the internet, Why do I learn with you?

In my coaching session, we did not only learn about technologies, but also soft-skills, such as:

  • Giving a nice feedback
  • Communication with other
  • Self organized mind-set
  • ....

Another problem, Learning and getting knowledge, then applying that knowledge into real application usually a big problem for most learners.

Learn with us, you can touch on the real experienced on building enterprise application, not just theory.

How can I contact your?

Please have a look at my  contact information as below:

Which services you provide to me?

Currently, We provide a plenty of services for you as below:

How can I register the course?

For now, Please contact me on Skype (tranthanhtu83), phone (+84 90 883 884 6) or email (contact@tranthanhtu.vn) and let me know about the course you want to register.

I will discuss and evaluate your skill. So we can create the good plan for your coaching session.

Please noticed that, I will create the specified coaching/ training plan for your self after the discussion.

Will I get supervise from you after the course?

Yes, You will get supervisory from us for any problem related to the course after the course.