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[TinyERP]Angular for Enterprise Application - Multiple data-stores (Part 2: Scale your repository)

For enterprise system, we may have a huge data, storing this in single database server may lead to some performance problems related to IO. Storing a single big database file was not recommended. [More]

[TinyERP]Angular for Enterprise Application - Multiple data-sources (Part 1)

In context of enterprise application, we may need to store data into various type of repositories due to different purpose:

    - Using relational database (such as: MSSQL, ...) for validation data, frequently modified data, ....

    - Using multiple small databases instead of 1 big database in enterprise system. Such as: database for order module, database for product management module, database for customer management module, ....

    - Using NoSQL (such as: MongoDB, RavenDb, ...) for fast reading.

    - Using Elastic for searching data.

We will go through these as below. [More]

REST in WebApi

In "REST - Overview" article, I were introduced the basic rules in RESTful, Can you show me how to implement in WebApi?
Ok, in this article, we will learn how to implement those rules in WebApi using C#. [More]